This is a pic of some of my livestream setup.

My trusted Fender Strat called Carlos and my Marshall Code 25 amp.

To avoid accusations of advertising, I must sincerely state other instruments I play  are also available in other pics!

I started a weekly livestream last November in response to a lack of live music in the Covid Era.

Just me and my guitars, playing songs from my debut album and a cover or two to mix it up.

Going out on Thursdays to a Facebook World of Mick fan group called Mick’s Golden Gang

It has now grown to nearly 500 members with me playing ‘work in progress’ songs from my next album. 

It’s great having fans check in with me while I’m playing, having a chat in the Comments and making requests.

Livetreams are a thing at the moment and it looks as though they’re here to stay even once, God willing,  we start playing to live audiences again.