As a guitarist I use a guitar pick. 

We used to call them plectrums but you hardly ever hear that term these days. Picks help me play my guitar strings with precision and save on finger nails! I do still use my fingers to pick the strings-de rigeur for some folk and classical numbers- but I always have a pick or two handy on my person. You just never know when the time comes to play something. I remember seeing a Youtube of Lenny Kravitz watching a busker somewhere and the next thing is he joined in playing. He had that guitar pick handy right there I’m sure! On the technical side, my pick of choice is a Fender or Jim Dunlop  USA Nylon .88mm pick usually in grey. Sometimes I use thinner ones, sometimes thicker but I gravitate to the .88mm ones. So I got some picks made with the MICK I logo on in that gauge -.88mm. Royal Blue and Purple-two of my favourite colours.

We will be giving away these as prizes for some fun competitions as we start the MICK Patreon page launch. And they may just appear in future packages for MICK fans for those of you who like collecting merchandise.