Jimi Hendrix was no ordinary guitarist.

He was a superb songwriter and producer too.

In fourteen months in  1967-1978 Jimi released three studio albums which changed my life.

I bought the first and second, Are You Experienced and Axis Bold as Love as a double  in my early teens and played them again and again. Loving the production and the amazing songs and guitar from the man.

I still listen to Third Stone From the Sun and think ‘so this is how aliens play their music!’

Manager Chas Chandler and engineer maestro Eddie Kramer played a big part in the Hendrix sound.

But Jimi was Jimi. And there was only one.Learning as much as I could by repetition. Wearing out his vinyl records.

A bit of a footnote here. Years later after becoming a lifelong fan of Jimi and his music, I got to work with the late American troubadour Tim Rose. 

Jimi had his first hit single with Tim’s version of Hey Joe the traditional/Billy Roberts/Dino Valenti song (authorship has been disputed) .

Live, we used to have a lot of fun when the time came to play that one.

Channeling my inner Jimi? I may have managed that with a mushrooms experience whilst at college. But that’s another story.

I bought (no file sharing in my teens) Jimi’s third album Electric Ladyland soon after and again the same experience of wonder and blissful joy for me.

How did he do it?

The third record he self produced, continuing with Eddie Kramer on the mixing desk.

Eddie Kramer then went on to work with Led Zeppelin-that’s how good he was.

I think since he made his first record, maybe even before, Jimi knew how important his music would be to the world, our planet, this third stone from the Sun.

And so back to his quotation, people ARE playing his music, people ARE going wild to it and people DO do anything they want to do with his music.

Thank you for your music Jimi-your wish came true.