This picture was taken as part of my debut album artwork shoot by Ollie Weiat (@oliverweait on Instagram.)

Ollie, a good friend as well as a top photographer, was the former art director at the majors Sony and Warner Music, working there with the likes of the Orb, Madonna, Terence Trent Darby (now the artist known as Sananda Maitreya), The Clash  as well working with other labels.

Having heard the tracks for my album, this desolation panorama shot was chosen by Ollie for the American deep south feel. The feel of blues music evoked by the famous Crossroads in Clarksville, Mississippi.

Where legend has it that Robert Johnson met the devil and traded his soul for his peerless musical talents and gifts.

Gifts which inspired musicians down the generations from Bob Dylan to Keith Richards, from Eric Clapton to Jimmy Page. 

Right down to me.

And then beyond.

For economic reasons the location for this shoot chosen by Ollie was in Dungeness Kent, Southeast England rather than Mississippi.