This shot was taken by one of the band -Janos on keyboards?-as we were rehearsing for a festival in autumn 2019.

The rehearsal room owner Rob had a bird sanctuary there so the place had birds competing for his time as well as bands. One of the ravens swooped in on our setlist and after a wild chase, chewed it to pieces!

My debut album Mick I had just been released, or was just about to be released.

Glenn Somerville our fiddle player in the shot was featured on the record on La Troc and Don’t Be a Prisoner to Your Past

I think the festival was the really cool Mad Hatters Festival in Forest Row in Sussex.

We LOVED the food and the other bands in the lineup there.

Great audience too.

And the rehearsal room was close to the festival site.

It was late summertime so we had sunglasses on. No we weren’t posing.