Fear can be a killer. Look where we are in 2021 with the Covid pandemic. Millions are afraid of the future and have the worst case scenario at the front of their minds. I have always been a ‘glass half-full’ person, but I accept that other people look at life differently and that is their choice.

I respect that.

Fear has its rightful place too. Ever faced a dark alley in the dead of night and wondered about going down it? That’s your own fear kicking in making a correct call for your survival. 

Personally I think my own fear is something to be owned and faced. 

Way back after graduation, I worked on three oil rigs as a roustabout and roughneck in the North Sea, dangerous at the best of times.

My song Ocean Kokuei , my second rig, came out of that, written to the mechanical metal hammer rhythms on that particular rig.

I worked on one more rig after that and broke my arm.

Some would say I got off lightly. Maybe I did. I got to play my guitar again.

The Ocean Kokuei’s sister rig the Ocean Ranger went down in a storm in 1982 and 84 lives were lost.

Facing my own fear is the best way I have of transforming it into something else.Excitement, love, kindness, something like that.

The music legend that is Jim Morrison seemed to think along the same lines.